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How To Improve Your Posture From Your Desk

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We all know that sitting down all day can reduce our flexibility and mobility, as well as reducing our fitness levels and helping us gain a few pounds, but unless you you have a massive career change around the corner or hit the jackpot on the lottery, chances are you will still need to sit at your desk and work.  So what can you do whilst sitting at your desk?

One of the best areas to work on is your posture - how are you sitting?  Even the best of us are prone to slouching and  rounding our shoulders.  This tightens the pecs and trapezius (muscles at the very top of our back) and can cause winging scapular, where the lower shoulder blades lift up and out a little.  How does this affect us?  Simply put, we become tight through the neck, as we poke our chin out, it reduces our shoulder stability and it also  inhibits optimal arm movement.  Our shoulder blades are mainly there as support for the arms to work from, but with a slouching posture we become tight through the neck and upper back and restricted through the arm.  You may also notice that when you slouch, you collapse through your trunk, and compress the abdominal cavity, weakening your core, and encouraging your stomach to protrude outwards.

But before you sit up and tall and shove those shoulders back, stop!!  By doing so we actually sit up using predominantly our back muscles, and placing your shoulder blades in a fixed, out of aligned position.  Instead go back to your slouch and follow the following steps and video

  1. As you sit up tall, engage your core and pelvic floor, as well as allowing your pelvis to rotate forwards.  You should now feel your core working
  2. Lift the shoulders up, back and then relax them down, but keeping a slight tension between the lower should blades.  This should allow the neck and upper back to feel more relaxed and the arms light and floaty.

Now we have to be a bit realistic about your posture.  You are not going to be able to sit like this all day if you have spent long periods slouching.  So grab a bit of blue tac.  Sit up in your new position and pop the blue tac in your ‘new’ eyeline.  Now pick 3 activities, such as starting a new email, answering a call, sitting back down etc, and every time you do one of these, practise your new position.