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How You And Your Partner Can Survive Christmas

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New Year is well known being the time of the year with the highest divorce rates, so we have asked our resident counsellor, Alex Sigsworth, for her top tips on how to survive Christmas.

Turkey is not just about cooking and eating. To talk turkey also means to discuss frankly and practically. So some tips to survive over the Christmas period

1) Plan ahead
Discuss Christmas in advance with your partner, including anticipated spending, plans for the day, and expectations. Plan it together so you can both understand what makes it special for each of you.

2) Christmas does not need to be perfect
Lower your expectations a notch. Be realistic, it will never be perfect, more important to enjoy what you have.  Sometimes that burnt turkey, or dried up christmas pudding, can be an amusing anecdote in years to come!

3) Compromise
Compromise as always in relationships is important and over the Christmas period this is just as crucial.

4) Thoughtful presents, not expensive ones
The joy of receiving is not judged by the cost of the present.  A little thought goes a long way. Children enjoy the anticipation of unwrapping almost as much as the present itself!

5) Don’t be afraid to ask
Christmas is a time for family, which can bring its own stresses and strains, so take time out when you can, ask for help when you need it, and keep your sense of humour! Don't be a martyr, share the load!