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We Are Unique, Remember That

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When a celebrity tries a new diet or starts a new form of exercise, magazines regularly deem it as the next best thing to help tone up, lose weight, or get fit.  But what we often fail to remember is that what works for one person, doesn't work for everyone.  We are all unique and amazing in our own way.  So if you are looking to tone up or lose some fat, there are some simple ways that work for everyone 

Move more
I am not talking about going running, popping to the gym, but keeping it much simpler than that - just making your everyday life more active.  Most of you will know that I love my fitbit, because it motivates me to walk where I often would have driven, stand up and move about, when I often wouldn't have bothered.  You don't need a smart watch to do that, instead make some simple rules - ‘if working from home, every hour, I will get up and doing some errands in the house, have a short walk in my lunch hour etc.  If in an office, I will go and talk to someone rather than the quicker option of email or I will get up and walk around every hour.’  You can always set yourself a reminder on the phone.  It doesn't matter what target you are reaching, but just that you are doing more than you would normally.

Eat the rainbow
Yes there are some foods that are healthier than others, but food is so much more than calorie counting - it is about giving your body all the nutrients it needs - from iron to protein, carbs (yes we need carbs), essential fats, vitamin B, calcium, zinc, magnesium etc.  By eating as many different foods as possible, you are more likely to be eating all the vital nutrients and minerals that your body requires to work to its optimum

Lift more
You don't need to be an Arnold Swarzenegger, but by making your body lift more weight, not only does it build more lean muscle, but it also strengthens the bones as well as many other health benefits.  You don't need to go to a gym to do this - lifting your own bodyweight, playing sport, gardening, DIY etc all help tone up your muscles, burn off fat etc, so try and include at least 3 of these a week

Whilst being on the go is good for your heart, lungs etc, our bodies also all need to stop and chill out, giving our brains time to unwind and our bodies time to recover.  If you are aways on the go, our hormones can become unbalanced, and our stress levels will rise, which will not help our bodies work to their optimum.  So each day take some time to unwind, 30min is best, but anything is better than nothing!!  Read, have a bath, chat to friends etc.  And the best side effect of this - it will make you smile!!

Now you have read my little blog, step back and think what is your weakest area.  Now I challenge you to see what you can do this week to change that one area, and see what difference it makes.