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Post Party Recovery Plan

Postparty recovery

Today has been a day full of the girls teasing out their recorders, screaming with laughter, practising their singing at the top of their voices and wanting to jump all over me.  Sounds like an idyllic Sunday afternoon?  Yes, normally, but when I had just arrived back from  hen do, lacking a little sleep and maybe a glass or 2 too many of the fizz, then I needed a way to get back on form quick.  So I thought I would share some of the most natural ways to get a quick pick up, replenish nutrients, rehydrate and remove those alcohol toxins

Before nodding off
2 sneaky little tips to help you feel better in the morning are to add an extra pillow before you sleep and try adding some lemon to hot water before nodding off.  Why?  The pillow helps your circulation and drainage during the night, helping to stop the puffy eyes and cheeks in the morning.  The hot lemon water acts as a natural laxative, which will get the bowel moving, helping to remove the alcohol toxins

First thing
Try this little smoothie -

  • almond milk - nuts are a great source of Vitamin B2.  B vitamins are part of the water soluble vitamin group, so if you are dehydrated from your night on the booze, your vitamin B levels could be depleted, adding to your tiredness and general feeling of rubbishness
  • a pinch of turmeric - helps protect the liver as well as being a powerful anti inflammatory
  • 1/2tsp of honey - amazingly, honey helps to breakdown naturally the alcohol quicker, making it easier to remove
  • a pinch of ginger - relaxes your colon muscles and soothes your gut, which will help reduce wind and bloating and also aid toxin removal
  • 1 banana - a great source of potassium, which is a highly effective diuretic, helping you to rehydrate
  • ice - cools and adds more fluid to the mix

For your meals
try adding plenty of leafy green veg and other green vegetables.  Both are good sources of B vitamins and also magnesium.  Some hangover symptoms are believed to be due to magnesium depletion from the night on the beer, wine, spirits etc.  So getting those levels back up will help to alleviate your symptoms.

Now, back to my day off high pitched squeals, and other head vibrating noises.  Is it me, or do my kids seem to be extra loud today?  Hmmmm, just wondering if Mr J has given them extra pocket money today to  make my head vibrate