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Breakfast Angels - How To Start Your Day Right


This morning I made a series of errors that ended in a major conflict happening before we left the house.

Error number 1 - not eating properly last night
Yesterday was 'Elly & Mummy' day, one of my favourite days of the week.  I have the day off and my youngest and I do 'stuff' together.  She loves it!!  Yesterday we did lunch at our favourite kid friendly place the the moment - The Jolly Postie.  Because I had eaten a main meal at lunch - very unlike me, I wasn't hungry by the kids' tea time.  I got absorbed in work, buying a replacement car (don’t ask!) and generally pushing paper round my desk, so 10 o'clock came and went, and I hadn't had tea.  So I had a yoghurt and went to bed.  I of course, woke up starving this morning.  

Error Number 2 - no planning ahead
When I woke, I was starving and tired as I hadn't eaten properly the night before, and as Ady will confirm, no food equals grumpy, teary, sensitive Carys.  So I opened the fridge, felt uninspired as I hadn't planned what I was going to have in the morning, so I reached for my biggest weakness - sugary, shop bought granola.  

Error number 3 - fuelling up badly
I didn't even add my fruit or yoghurt, just poured in too big a portion, added my milk and off I went.  Now I know this sort of breakfast doesn't suit me.  It leaves me feeling bloated, and with a burst of energy that lasts nano seconds.  I munched away at it whilst I attempted to work - very unproductively I might add, because I was over hungry.  

Major conflict begins
When I finally get my brain in gear, it all went wrong.  I had let Elly sleep too late (she's just like her Dad, likes a more sedate start to the day), I was behind schedule & beginning to feel the stress.  After a 45min breakfast consisting of - a bowl of cereal launch on the floor, 3 time outs, a drink flood across the table and the cereal left on the floor, 3 melt downs (2 from Elly and 1 from me), 2 banana 'floor drops', and 2 complete changes of outfit, we finally made it to the car, 15mins late.  Which resulted in missing our nice dog walk to school, an upset 3 year old, an exhausted Mummy, and a poor 5 year old thinking that she would make a better adult that her mum ;-)

So why am I blabbering on to you about my morning routine?  Simple,
all the best laid plans can go array, but it is how you deal with it that matters.  

Now in the cold light of day and a peaceful office, I can clearly see that I made another mistake (other than forgetting to practise my deep breathing)   - Elly is like many adults - she is not a breakfast fan.  She likes different food most days, with a wide range of fruit and yoghurt, and occasionally toast, but most of the time she likes something light and easy to eat.  I drew up a list of what she might like and plan to make a little menu for her to choose from in the morning.  However, it also got me thinking you might like the same, so
here is a list of what I call Breakfast Angels - foods that will give you the best start to the day.  Enjoy