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Yummy Healthy Breakfast's For Your Kids


Breakfast can be a nightmare for your kids, with shopping aisles full of brightly coloured boxes full of sugary rubbish, and the healthier options, lets me honest, look pretty boring through kid’s eyes. So how can you help your child make healthy choices for breakfast that will fill them up for longer, and they will enjoy? We have shared some of our favourite recipes to help.

1) Buckwheat Pancakes
Pancakes can be made healthier, simply by swopping around the ingredients and offering yummy but healthy toppings. I use a buckwheat flour
recipe, but you can also use rice flour, or brown flour too. Toppings can be a mix of fruit with yoghurt or maple syrup, honey, frozen yoghurt or agave syrup.

2) Lollies
Lollies for breakfast I hear you cry. Don’t panic, these are homemade lollies using yoghurt, smoothies, fruit etc. A simple way to encourage your child to have some fruit, protein, and a breakfast that will start their day well.

Here are some of my favourite recipes
Nutella Yoghurt Lollies
Blueberry Oatmeal Lollies
Yoghurt Granolla Lollies

3) Homemade cereal
Making your own cereal is not only a way to control what is put into the cereal, but you can also a way to get the kids involved. Here are some yummy kids options
Chocolate Granola
Strawberry Apple Granola
Vanilla almond puff cereal

4) Eggs
Eggs are an awesome source of protein and will keep your kids filled up for a good while. There is obviously the good old egg and solider, here are some other child friendly options
Egg baskets
Healthier Muffins
Egg Moulds

5)Breakfast Bars
Sometimes you will need a breakfast for heading out the door, but could also be a mid morning snack. Here are some healthy options you can offer, knowing it will keep them fuller for longer
Home-made Nutrigrain Bars
Choc Chip Donut Bar
Yoghurt Bar