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7 Ways To Enjoy Life More


I regularly lecture to you all about a good life balance, and how vital it is, but it wasn't until I went on holiday that I remembered quite how vital it is.  Most of us are busy juggling life - work, kids, pets, house etc, that we don't get much time to relax and unwind.  I am a classic for this - I pile my to do list way too high each day, making me rush around like a blue arsed fly, crashing into everything and generally making me stressed;  You may have heard of my yoga new year resolution that I managed once; my wish to read more etc.  Do you know what effect stress can have on the body?

  • Depression, anxiety and irritability 
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • It can cause you to eat too much, eat too little or turn to the drink
  • It makes your heart work harder for longer, raising your risk of hypertension and problems with your vessels and heart
  • It can upset the stomach, causing heart burn, acid reflux or IBS
  • Your muscular system never gets a chance to unwind as we tense up so much when we are stressed
  • It can cause libido problems
  • Over time the hormone imbalance that stress causes, negatively effects your immune system, make you more prone to illness

 I recently had a bit of a health scare (very luckily it was just that, a scare), but what it did teach me is that I do too much, and you probably do too.  Well now I implore you to stand back and take some time for yourself, after all, I hate to be full of cliches, but life is too short.  You don't want to stand back and wish you had taken the time to enjoy life more.  I am not suggesting drastic steps, like quitting your job, selling up and moving to a desert island (although if you do, can we come on holiday?) No, I am suggesting some simple changes to make your life less stressful.

Learn to delegate - are you a great one for doing the job as you think it's easier?  If you have a lot on, delegate it out to someone else, whether it is the  ironing, picking kids up, a bit of admin etc, leaving you more time to get something done that you need to do

Learn to prioritise - such an easy one to preach about, but not as easy to do.  If you have a busy day, look at what actually really needs to be done, and what can wait until you have a little more time

Plan ahead - if you plan your day and then your week, you'll save so much time - making meals will be quicker as you will know what you are eating and you can make lunch for the next day with the leftovers at the same time; you'll know what you are doing and in what order, reducing the chance of the brain fog when trying to decide what to do next,  But most of all you can look at your day/week and see that you are trying to fit too much in, and have set no time aside to unwind

Designate relaxation time - it is vital, and like all vital aspects to our lives, it needs to be planned into our day.  If you have kids, what's the first thing you do when they are tired and on the edge? You do something easy and relaxing, so aim to do the same for yourself.  You can always do the same during school holidays - relax together 

Use bitesized chunks - Just 15mins of reading the paper, a soak in the bath, or a stretch session, will make you feel so much better and help reduce your stress levels

What is 'relaxing' - as much as you may love to go for a hard run, or a quick bike ride and may find it relaxing, make sure you incorporate down time for the body as well as the brain.  Exercise stresses the body to get it to change, but if you continually stress the body and don't allow it time to change, then not only will it not be able to improve, but also you open yourself up to an injury or illness

You will be more productive - When you are stressed, busy and rushed, we naturally start to flap and make little mistakes, or miss things.  With relaxation time your brain will refresh itself, helping you to get back to your usual productive self, and help increase your motivation for the tasks you have left to do.

See what simple changes you can implement, and I bet you, you will soon be feeling happier, lighter and brighter