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Exercise Excuses & How to Beat Them

Exercise Excuses

Yes I am a fitness fanatic, a fitness professional and love to train (even on holiday) but that doesn’t mean I don’t lack motivation. There are days were I missed my morning workout, & I have to find the will power to tackle it in the evening, or it’s raining and Bella, the dog is dragging the lead around the house, desperate from me to take her for a run. I can tell you one thing for sure, I always feel so pleased that when I do make the effort and crack that workout, I feel so much better afterwards!! But that doesn’t mean it is easy, especially if you don’t love exercising as much as me, or if it’s your job. So how can you overcome those exercise excuses that like to block your path?? I have listed off the most popular excuses, with some simple strategies to banish those excuses. Check them out