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I Lost My Way, But Found My Way Back

9 ways to get your exercise regime back on track

You may not know, but I had dreams to event full time, compete for Switzerland (don't ask) and ride round Burghley.   I did make one of my dreams, to ride at advanced level, but after a whole host of bad luck, and then having 2 gorgeous girls, my priorities changed.  These dreams did mean that I put myself under immense pressure to ride well all the time, and at each session I had to achieve something.  Now the girls are older, and I am able to ride more regularly, I am back thinking I want to get out there and compete again.  I have a gorgeous home bred 5 year old to ride, amazing facilities and a supportive family.  But I was starting to not enjoy it.  Why? Because I was putting myself under way too much pressure.  Finally the other day, it clicked, why am I doing this?  I am not planning to ride around Burghley, or go to the Olympics, I am doing it because I love it, so what’s the rush, what’s the pressure for?  I finally found something amazing - enjoyment.  Rather than riding to win, or perform well, I can finally say, for the first time since I can remember, that I am riding for pure enjoyment. If she isn't in the mood to school, and I am due to in my schedule, I decide I'll hack.  If it's lashing it down and blowing a gale, we take a day off.  Now you may think this would mean we weren't progressing very well, but actually quite the opposite.  Because we are enjoying it and I am more relaxed, I am riding better and she is finally making progress.  So if you have lost your path, not enjoying what ever exercise you are doing, take a step back and see what you can do to find your mojo again

1) Buddy up
There is nothing more powerful than partnering up with a friend.  It makes you more likely to turn up, work harder and stick to it.  If you have a friend that has the same goals as you, work out your plan together and motivate each other along the way.  If not, find a different friend to run with, another one to go to the gym with, and another for yoga etc.

2) Set a challenge
We aren't talking about losing 2 stone or running a marathon, but something smaller, like being able to run 5km, or do 10 press ups. Something that you can achieve in 4 to 6 weeks.  It will help you get into a routine that hopefully you will then be encouraged to stick to

3) Write down everything you eat
I am always much better if I write down what I eat.  It makes me think twice if I am about to reach for the chocolate raisin tub or order a take away.  You can either just jot it down in a note book, or use an app such as my fitness pal

4) Try something new
Pick a new class, or a choose some new exercises to try.  By doing so, you are challenging your body in a different way, making you work different muscles, therefore getting better results.  It is also more fun, helping you get back your enjoyment of exercising

5) Show up
If you are not in the mood, even showing up is a start.  If you had a long run planned, start out with a shorter run planned and you'll probably find that you run slightly longer than you first thought.  If you were planning on going to the gym, just turn up and pick your favourite exercises.

6) Plan ahead
Sit down at the beginning of the week and plan when you are going to train.  That way you will not get to the end of a day and run out of time.  Leave your clothes ready in a morning or pack your kit to take with you, helping to motivate you in a morning to get going

7) Start small
Don't plan to train every day for a month.  Instead start by training 3 times a week, letting your body get back into it gently. then up it by one and see what results you get with that.  If you set your level too high to start with, you'll probably fail early on, and lack motivation to carry on

8) Make it fun
Choose activities you like doing, not ones you hate.  If you enjoy exercising you will stick to it.  If you hate running, you are unlikely to stick to a regular running routine.  Instead pick tennis, boxercise - whatever tickles your fancy

9) New clothes
Who doesn't like new training kit, and what does new training kit do?  Makes you want to try it out.  So if you have old kit, go out and splash out on a new pair of trainers or a snazzy new top, and you'll soon find you are itching to try it out