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7 Dos And Don’ts For A Healthier Breakfast


Breakfast is massively underrated in my eyes - regularly missed, quite often badly made, and poor choices.  Let’s be honest, if an alien were to spy on us during breakfast, he would think many of us were mad eating what quite often looks like shredded cardboard.  Breakfast is a great way to start your day as if you eat right, you can curb cravings, reduce snacking during the rest of the day and sneak in some vital vitamins and minerals.  Nearly 3 years ago, after Elly was born, I lost 4 kg of weight, that I had carried for many years, and I believe most of it was down to altering what I ate for breakfast.  So how can you make your breakfast healthier without too much disruption to your lives?

Avoid boxes
Cereals have been a staple breakfast option in the UK for many years, but if you look at the back of the box, several things might surprise you - all the additives and chemicals and how much sugar they add to make your chunks of cardboard taste yummy.  Also, if you weigh out the recommended amount of cereal (normally around 30-40g) into your bowl, you’ll probably find your portion is a lot bigger.  Instead, opt for making your own granola or muesli with fresh fruit and yoghurt.

Reduce the Carbs
Looking back at how to fuel your body shape, recommended carbohydrate intake should be from 25-55% of your daily intake.  Most modern breakfast choices are based solely on carbs - cereal, toast, porridge etc, with a sprinkling of protein.  Research has shown that starting your day with lean protein and healthy fats will give you energy for longer, and reduce snacking during the rest of the day.  Good suggestions are eggs, yoghurt, fish or meat, nuts and seeds, fruit and vegetables

Ban processed juices
To make a glass of apple or orange juice, you have to squeeze a lot more fruit than you would ever eat, giving you a huge quantity of sugar at once, whilst missing the pulp and the skin’s essential goodness.   Instead grab your juicer and make your own using a mix of vegetables and fruit, or opt for herbal tea or good old plain water

Skip the spreads
Toast and spread has been an easy option for busy people, as well as a yummy option.  However, spreads are full of sugar and hold no goodness from the fruit they are derived from.  Instead opt for fruit spreads, which should have no added sugar in them, or look at how you can introduce vegetables instead - so eggs and spinach, or tomatoes etc.

Avoid wheat
Wheat is fine in small quantities for many of us, but as you start to tot up your portions, our stomachs begin to grumble and bloat.  Instead, opt for some of the other great alternatives there are out there - oats, oatmeal, rice flour, buckwheat etc, that will give you a good steady source of energy but without the tummy bloat

Eat breakfast
Some of you are not breakfast fans or lack the time to eat it before leaving for work.  I urge you to think again.  Breakfast kickstarts your metabolism, reduces cravings and stops you overeating later on when you become hungry.  Even eating a small amount will help you have energy for longer and also lose weight.

So throw away the cereal boxes and look at what yummy alternatives you can make.