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Do you sleep as soundly as a baby

sleep like a baby

Sleep deprivation is a form of torture - fact.  And whilst we all survive the baby days of night feeds and teething, we feel there is always light at the end of the tunnel as they get older.  Most of the time, mine are pretty good sleepers.  They may wake, but normally they go back to sleep -  until recently.  My eldest, Isla, is a gorgeous bright 5 year old in her first term at school.  However, she is easily spooked, and at the moment she is worried that burglars will get her whilst she is asleep.  This results in a fair few toilet stops before bed, several ‘tuck me up please’, lots of ‘I can’t sleep’ and ‘can you read me another story, and her favourite is ‘will you lie with me?’ before she goes to bed and also in the middle of the night.  We are all on our knees, trying every strategy - audio books, a few night lights, reward charts etc.  I have even shown her her little sister sleeping peacefully and explained that children need to sleep in their own beds, and as she is the big sister, maybe she should lead by example, to which I got ‘Well does that mean you and Daddy need to sleep in different beds as you two are the oldest?’  Got me there!!  Therefore, I have been researching how to overcome insomnia with good sleep routines, and it got me thinking about how healthy mine was.

Do You -

Have a warm relaxing bath before bed?
Going from a warm shower/bath to bed helps you feel sleepy and can aid nodding off.  The reason is that as you move from an area of warmth to a colder room it will trigger a drop in body temperature which makes you feel lethargic, tired and sleepy due to a slow down in metabolic activity. Drop some lavender in to help before bed.

Try to stay calm 30min before bed - i.e. no jumping on sofas or running about the house?
Reading helps relax the mind and clear the brain of thoughts before you try and nod off.  If you are not into reading, try something else relaxing for 30min before bed - listening to music, yoga, meditation etc.

Switch off the TV and iPad
iPads, smart phones, TV and e-readers have a form of light, known as blue light.  Research has shown that people who look at blue light before bed will struggle to nod off, as well as getting less REM (the best form of sleep).  So after unwinding in front of the TV at night, try something else relaxing before bed time to help you nod off quickly and sleep well.

Have a hot milk before bed?
It used to be thought that a mug of warm milk before bed would help aid sleep, as it was believed it was full of tryptophan, however research has proven otherwise.  Camomile tea is a better option.  However, milk does still work for some, whether it is because it fills you up, or makes you feel warm and cosy, who knows, but if it works for you, stick with it.

Setting some kid of routine will aid sleep, allowing to sleep as soundly as a baby, in fact, even sounder!!