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5 Simple Ways To Have A Healthier Christmas


Research has shown that many of us gain a stone before Christmas arrives.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas, and all the yummy food that comes with it, but how can we make Christmas a little healthier, but still just as much fun?

Eat the things you love and leave the things you like
Before you munch on a mince pie, or pick out another chocolate from the office box, think do I really love this or is there something else I would much rather have?  If you would much rather have something else, stop, politely decline and save yourself for that extra special treat.  This way you aren’t wasting precious calories on stuff you just like, and using them on food you really love (that doesn’t mean you can leave your vegetable and eat pudding!!)

Only eat when you are hungry
Sounds mad but how many of us find that we have eaten way too many snacks during a day because we were offered them and it’s Christmas.  Instead, only eat when you are hungry.  Imagine a scale of 0 to 10.  0 is absolutely starving, and 10 is full to bursting.  Eat when you are between 2 and 5.  If you are above 5, you aren’t hungry, and if you are below 2 you have left it too long and are likely to overeat, so try and eat earlier.

Put a fistful on your plate first
Rather than filling your plate high with food, put a fistful of food on your plate first.  Sit down and enjoy it.  Once you have finished, reassess where you are on your scale, and if you are still between 2 and 5, put on another fistful.  If you have gone above 5, then stop.

Don’t spoil something you love with guilt.  If you have eaten something naughty but yummy, enjoy the flavour and savour it, rather than feeling guilty about eating it.  The guilt will make you stressed and more likely to reach for something else naughty but nice.

Don’t save up calories
If you know you have a big lavish meal coming up, don’t skip other meals in an effort of save calories.  All that will do is leave you starving and more likely to overeat when you do eat.  Instead eat sensibly with plenty of vegetables and protein leading up to your meal, making you less hungry and less likely to splurge out.

At activewoman we don’t believe in diets, but instead make small changes to your lifestyle to make it healthier and sustainable.  That is why we have included a 8 week course on mindful eating, which helps you to listen and understand what your body is telling you when it comes to food.  Check it out