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Banana Bread - Gluten Free & No-Added Sugar


I adore this recipe - packed with protein, healthy fats and getting it’s sweetness from the fruit. What’s more it is so easy to make! It is a slightly altered version from the original from WholeFoodSimply. All you need is - 60g coconut flour 2 large ripe bananas or 3 smaller ones 4 eggs 8 medjool dates 3 tbsp of almond butter 1tsp of bicarbonate of soda 1tsp of cinnamon Good splash of lemon juice To make it -

  • Pop the banana and the dates (without their stones) into the food processor and whizz until they are porridge like
  • Add all the other ingredient and again whizz until porridge like again
  • Line a bread loaf with baking paper and heat up your fan oven to 175
  • Pour the mixture in and smooth off the top
  • Bake for 45min to and hour, checking it is cooked through, cool and eat!!