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How To Fit Stretching Into Your Busy Life


I recently suffered a hamstring tear, luckily quite a small one.  I am the world’s worst patient, and hate being off games, so I was keen to find out if I could have avoided it.  And the answer was yes, stretch more.  If you have ever met me, you will know that flexibility is not my strong point.  However I felt that I stretch quite a bit - 10min at the end of every session I teach, which I thought totted up to a fair bit.  However, Andy, my lovely physio from Prime Physio highlighted that the ratio of stretching to working out was out of sync, with too little stretching in my daily routine.  Now like most of you, I don't have much spare time in a day - work, horses, kids, house to run etc, so it got me thinking how could I include some essential stretches as part of my every day routine, with life cues reminding me to do them.  So here is how you can do the same

Start your day with a calf stretch.  In your bathroom have a rolled up towel, or something you can stand on with the heels lower than the toes (a step would be perfect), and stand on it for 2min while you brush your teeth

In an evening, rather than sitting down on the sofa to catch up on the news etc, sit on the floor with your legs quite far apart and straight.  Now sit tall and prop your back up with a cushion.  If you want to look at something on your tablet, pop a cushion or foot stool between your legs and place your tablet on that.

A good one for the office - every time you answer a call, pop one ankle on the other knee and sit up tall.  If you can't feel it stretching out your buttocks, lean forwards from the pelvis.  Next phone call, next leg etc

Pop your kettle on and whilst you are waiting for it to boil, kick your bottom with one foot, grab the ankle and stretch it out, swopping to the other leg after 30sec, swopping to the other leg for the last bit of kettle boiling

Thoracic spine
An area that posture and gets tight easily with office work etc.  Every time you finish one task, cross your arms, pop your hands on your shoulders, with elbows in line.  Now keep the hips still whist you twist the upper body one way, hold for 30sec and then turn the other way for 30sec

Every time you have had a shower or bath, find a corner at your home and perform the stretch pictured.  Don't lean too far, and make sure the elbows are inline with the shoulders.  Hold for 30sec

If you can do something similar every day, all the key muscles that get tight, increasing your injury risk, will be stretched thoroughly.  I have broken them down and linked them to a daily cue, so that it helps your remember to do them, and soon it will become a habit - perfect