Dark Chocolate Banana Cake

Dark Choc Banana Cake Inst

We all know I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate - gives me some lovely happy hormones. With the kids back at school and pack lunches back on the menu, I decided it was time to reinvent my banana cake recipe to make it like a chocolate muffin, so with my little helper in tow, we came up with this little beauty. The recipe is below, but we also videoed it for you guys to enjoy.

The oat flour is a great swop for a gluten free version (as long as you use gluten free oat flour), and also boosts the protein levels. The dark chocolate is best being 70-80% plus pure as that contains less sugar and also has maximum happiness effect.
The recipe is -

  • 3 ripe bananas
  • 8 medfool dates - pitted
  • 1/2 cup of oat flour
  • 3 tbsp of almond butter
  • 1 to 2tsp of high quality cocoa powder (I used Green and Black’s)
  • 10 small squares or 6 large squares of 70-80% dark chocolate
  • 4 eggs
  • 1tsp of sodium of bicarbonate

1 - Mix the bananas and dates until smooth(ish) in a blender
2 - Add all the other ingredients, except the dark chocolate
3 - Using a silicone mini muffin tin or cupcake tray, pour your mixture in until they are 3/4 full
4 - Pop in your dark chocolate pieces, chopped up, and push into the cakes
4 - Bake at 170 for 40 to 60min depending on your containers - but basically until it is cooked in the middle